Removing the rear badges.

In preparation for the JDM Honda conversion on the TSX, I decided to remove all rear badging on the vehicle. Since the car is brand new and all the paint is still even, now is a perfect time to do it. If you try to do this later, there is a possibility that the color underneath the badges will not match the color around it anymore due to oxidation, color fading, or any other factors related to wear and tear.

I started off by getting some dental floss. This works great at getting in-between the badge and the car to “cut” away at it. This will only take a few minutes per badge. After the badge is removed, you are left with the gray 3M double sided auto tape. Now depending on how old your vehicle is, it can either be easy or difficult to remove this tape. Since my car is brand new, the tape was still soft enough where I could just peel it off cleanly. If you car is older, you may have to heat the tape up a little to soften it up or use some kind of “goo” remover to get it completely off.

The car will look a lot cleaner in the back without all the badging. I still have the “A” on there as I am waiting for the Honda Accord Euro-R front grill to arrive before I switch that out.


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