Introducing – Geek Stuff

I have a new blog setup called “The Gamer With Kids” which is a more focused site than this one. (Tech)nically Speaking is more of a personal blog where I would post up a lot of things that don’t fit in with the other sites I write for normally so many of the posts were about all sorts of general topics.

For “The Gamer With Kids,” I wanted to make a site that was more focused that only deals with gaming, animation, and gadgets. Those 3 topics intertwine each other and they are a big part of my life. If that’s the stuff you like, please bookmark my other blog. It will really be more editorial based with each post having a personal spin to it. At least that is the plan. In any case, it is a work in progress.

As for this site, I am still updating this one on a regular basis but I think it will be going back to the way it was and focus more on the randomness.


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