New Apple Magic Trackpad – Useful or Useless?

Apple today introduced their new Magic Trackpad. This is basically the Multi-touch trackpad from their Macbook Pro line but made for desktop use. The Magic Trackpad is much larger than your standard Macbook Pro multi-touch trackpad and supports all the gestures you already know.

I think its a neat concept, but I’m really not willing to give up my the easy of my mouse in order to use gestures. In fact, I have a Macbook Pro and I hate using the trackpad. When I can, I always plug in a mouse, and not the Apple Magic Mouse, but a “normal” 3 button mouse often used on PCs.

Whether the Magic Trackpad takes off or not remains to be seen but I have a feeling that most people would still rather use their trusty mouse. Plus, the trackpad is not a game friendly input device I would assume. Ever try playing Portal with the trackpad? Almost impossible.

If you are interested in more information about the Magic Trackpad, visit the source link.

[via Apple]


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