Ice-T aka Griffen in Gears of War 3 Arrested and Released on BS Charges

I guess this sort of qualifies as gaming news since it involves Ice T who is the voice for Griffen in Epic Games upcoming Gears of War 3. I know this isn’t how it happened, but just picture Ice T in full Gears of War armor being arrested by a uniformed officer.

Earlier today, Ice T was arrested for supposedly driving with a suspended license and not wearing his seat belt while taking his dog to the vet. He was released 20 minutes later.

Ice T says the officer’s claims were all BS and posted up some really colorful tweets on his twitter account. The cop must have been bored if he had to arrest Ice T for not wearing his seat belt. Us normal folks usually just get a ticket or a warning. Read his account of the events after the jump as some are NSFW.


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