E3 2010: Ubisoft. *Yawn*

Dear Ubisoft,

Why is your press event such a downer? This reminds me of last year’s press event when you let James Cameron talk on and on about Avatar making it seem like the most boring piece of crap ever when in actuality, it was a fantastic movie. Please make talk about each game less and making it drag on forever when you can make it so much more exciting by shorting it and getting straight to the point.

Another thing. WTH is Innergy and WHY??? Let me also not get into Battle Tag which at first seemed kind of neat up until what’s his face started talking about it and then it just dragged on and on and on until I completely lost interest.

Thank you however for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier which were the 2 gems of your press event. Shaun White Skateboarding look like it has potential if you can make it as fun as old school Tony Hawk games used to be. Please however don’t let Shaun White talk about his game anymore because he did a terrible job of promoting his own game.

Next year, do better. More excitement, less yawn.

Yours truly,



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