HLife – Holistic Health for Humanity

This is off topic and has really nothing to do with tech or gaming but it does have to do with your health. Anyways, HLife was started by a good friend of mine and is a new site dedicated to educating people about good health through healthy living and diet.

HLife is an online media network of holistic health for daily consumption. Its purpose is to inform human beings about what it means to have a healthy lifestyle, and to empower them to take responsibility for their health and their lives. The founders of HLife believe that health is not a momentary situation or a clean slate to go off the rail – health is a daily practice, a way of living your life with the understanding that there is no division between mind, body, and spirit and that balance can only be achieved when you see yourself as a whole being. Here, you will find information on the mind and emotions, nutrition, recipes, Universal knowledge, science and spirituality, health reports, opinions, interviews, and empowerment/inspiration, all with a commitment to spreading awareness about the relationship between internal and external realities.

The site was started by super sisters Maryl Celiz and Sivie Celiz who are from my hometown of Miami. They now live in California. The site is very educational and does contain a lot of information on how to live better and eat better.

HLife – Holistic Health for Humanity
HLife Twitter


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