My Thoughts: Gamestop Exclusive Xbox 360 Controller w/ Play & Charge Kit

Gamestop is set to release an exclusive Xbox 360 controller and Play & Charge kit. The controller features carbon fiber style trim with red accents that look like they are suppose to be in the shape of a radiation symbol. First thoughts. FUGALICIOUS. If Gamestop would have just kept it simple, it would have been a completely better looking controller. The face of the controller should have been all carbon fiber with the thumbsticks and the directional pad being the only thing accented in red. As it stands now, it looks like a very unbalanced design. Also, the radiation symbol is so 90’s.

If you want to be different, feel free to buy it. My opinion, skip this and buy the standard controller w/Play & Charge kit. You will save yourself $5.00.

Note, I will take back everything I just said if it is possible to rip off all that red.


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