It’s Alive and Evolved

I’m bringing back an old blog I once had that I stopped doing back in January. The name of the old blog was “Video Games are the Sh*t”. It was basically a site I started just to screw around with make reviews on games I had actually played through as well as accessories and what not that I had used. I never really meant for it to amount to anything as it was more of a fun thing for me to do on the side. I never collected any ad revenue from my blog or asked any developers or companies for samples or review copies. Everything I reviewed came out of my own pocket because it was something I enjoyed. My last real entry was back in October, 2008.

It’s now 2009 and times have changed. The Blog has taken a back seat to Twitter which is one of the main reasons I put the blog on hiatus. Well guess what? I’m giving the blog a new lease on life. The original intent of my blog was to only review anything that had to do with gaming. Now however, I’ve added tech to my list of items I want to review. Most of what I review will be very opinionated and honest since I don’t get paid to run my site by big name advertisers and I could really care less if they found my reviews highly negative of their products. I would think it a big disservice to my readers if I gave something high praise even if it was a giant steaming pile of crap. That’s not what I’m about.

I hope people will find my reviews helpful. That’s really all I ask for. The blog is back because there is only so much I can say with 140 characters.     – (Tech)nically Speaking

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