5Zigen Parts

I was just looking over some 5Zigen parts online to see what they had for the TSX and noticed that they have a lip kit listed under “custom parts” for the Accord Wagon. I’m assuming the front lip and side skirts would fit on the sedan. This kit looks like it would only fit the 04-05 TSX however.

Click here for the page.

It looks like a pretty clean looking kit. Very similar to the OEM kit for looks like it sits a lot lower at the bottom. Also the front grill looks like the Mugen grill. The kit is ABS material.

5Zigen also carries a couple of exhausts for the TSX:

  • 5Zigen ProRacerZZ which is a full stainless steel exhaust. It comes in either a single ($850) or dual outlet ($1350) version.
  • 5Zigen Proracer A-Spec which is a stainless steel exhaust with inconel tips. This too comes in a single outlet ($1150) or dual outlet ($1700) version.
  • 5Zigen ProRacer Titanium Race Muffler. It looks like there is an application for the CL7 however I do not see a part# for it or pricing.

I used to own a 5Zigen Fireball dual exhaust for my 98 Honda Accord V6 and it was very quiet. It was by far one of the quietest exhausts I’ve ever had on any of my cars. I might consider a single outlet 5Zigen ProRacerZZ exhaust but I’d have to see what kind of canister it uses and what a single outlet TSX actually looks like.


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