Demo Review : Dark Messiah: Elements

Most of the time, when a new demo appears in the marketplace, I try to download it to see if the game is any good. Even if I know I’m never going to buy the game, I just download it so I have something new to play, even if its for a few minutes. I downloaded Dark Messiah a few days ago and tried to play it today. At first, it kind of looked like a cool game to play. Boy, was a I wrong.

First, the graphics really aren’t all that good. I would say they are Original Xbox level graphics. They don’t seem to use the power of the Xbox 360. Everything seems very blocky and the animations are not very smooth. Also, there seems to be a weird fish-eye effect when looking around in the environment.

Next the combat system is very simplistic. Block with the left trigger, slash with the right trigger. Hold down both triggers to kick someone. I really didn’t find it that fun considering I only had a sword and had to be pretty close to an enemy to kill him with multiple slashes with my sword. The combat itself seems to be all button mashing. There doesn’t seem to be any skill involved in the actual combat. The only part of it I found really fun was being able to pick up a dead body and throwing it over cliff.

I’m sure there probably is more to the game then what I stated above, but I stopped playing after 5 minutes. I was hoping it might have gotten better, but if the game can’t hold my attention for more then 5 minutes, I’m not going to play it. I will give Dark Messiah Demo a 3/10.


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